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3rd Sep, 2013


SAYS is Open!

Calling all SAYSers! =)

After a week of housekeeping and reconfiguring the boards, SAYS is officially ready for traffic. We’d love nothing more than to see your AMAZING talents back on the boards. Please join us in celebrating the return of SAYS here: http://s4.zetaboards.com/SAYS/index/

A lot of things have changed, but don’t panic! We’ve retained every topic from SAYS past in its own subforum at the bottom of the board. And, we’ve even kept a section for fan fiction for those that aren’t quite ready, or never want, to make the transition from fan fiction to original fiction.

You’ll find a lot of new things around SAYS, though! Our newest admin, Angel (scarhead from HPFF!), is investigating the creation of SAYS’s very own archive which should be up and running soon. We’re also creating a blog that will feature members’ creativity.

From fic exchanges to graphics to sharing resources and opinions like the SAYS of the past, the newly renovated SAYS will be focused on getting Serious About Your Skills. We are featuring new sections of the board, such as: Alternative Mediums – focusing on poetry, blogging, screenplays and freelance writing; Book Reviews – which will feature your reviews of the books you loved and hated, and hopefully soon we’ll have ARCs for review, too!

Currently on SAYS: Revamp SAYS Graphic Challenge, Name Changes, Blog Recommendations and catching up in the cbox and OT.

And, of course, we still have the biggest and best OT section around. Don’t forget the fun you had when playing The Owl Game, I Like Coffee but I Don’t Like Tea or Is This Rosencrantz? And who could forget the famous Duck Duck Goose thread?

I sincerely hope we will reunite with each and every one of you amazing, talented, special members over the coming days on SAYS. Drop in on the cbox, say hello, reignite old topics, start new ones!

Looking forward to squeeing with you once again!

<3 Your Admin & Mods <3

26th Dec, 2009



I think this spawned from a challenge on SAYS from one of the lovely girls, who decided to challenge me with a ghost/angelina fic, added into it that Angelina had to be in love with Fred and also, have a fling with Crabbe.  And, it had to remain canon through Deathly Hallows.  SO.  P= 

Title:  Gluttony
Rated: Mature
Warnings: sexual scenes, language, character death
Ship:  Crabbe/Angelina, etc.  

crack alert. Collapse )

Blind Date

Written for Valentine's Day! :)

Title:  Blind Date
Rating: Mature
Warnings:  sexual content, language
Ship: Draco/Hermione

danger: fluff/angst alertCollapse )
minerva/dark mark

Postmortem Memories

This fic was written for Violet during the SAYS fic exchange. She asked for Tom/Minerva, canon.  XD 

Title:  Postmortem Memories
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence
Ship: Tom/Minerva

voldemort, minerva - oh my!Collapse )

23rd Dec, 2007


Let it Snow

This is a little Severus/Hermione one shot revolving around Christmas.  It's a little fluff piece, inspired by the challenge set by xelusive memoriesx on SAYS.  (says-skills.com)  And, a prompt provided by



 Severus/Hermione, fluffy, no potions, no telling how they got together  *hugs you*   Merry Christmas, darling. 

Amazingly AWESOME banner was provided by Anna Black on SAYS.  Thank you SO much *fangirls*

13th Nov, 2007




dselena has had a graphic made for us in honor of friendship and I just HAD to share.  *melts*

It was made by Chatterbug www.chatterbug.com  


Thanks a bunch, Marissa!! *hugs*  Love you!!


28th Oct, 2007


Light in Dark Eyes

This story was written a few months ago, post DH. I had told myself that if my assumptions of Sev/Lily turned out to be true, I'd write a story about it. While they were not completely true - JK squashed my vision of pretty fluffy bunnies - it wasn't completely false either.

So, as I sat down to write, I made it as canon as I could. And I'm so NOT a canon mogul. =P

When I had finally finished it, I dedicated the story to mist_shadow 

27th Oct, 2007


A Taste of the Holidays

Since enrolling in smutty_claus I have been trying my hardest to get a plot worked up - yeah, PWP, I know... but I don't work like that.. I have to have SOME reason for two (or three) characters going at it.  One night, I finally went over the prompt about 500 times and decided on my pairing and the scenario.   Here is a little taste...

Thanks to madmugglemusing, [info]dselena and scribtasticfor their help already so far!  Yeah, all I needed to know was if it was hot at 1500 words, before I got 3000 words in and wanted to scrap it because it sucked.  *HUGS*  Thank you girls!!!

10th Sep, 2007


One Sock

While trying to get my creative juices flowing, I turned to a good friend:   

pronunciationh1   She provided me with a prompt: Sock Puppet (which came from a lengthy conversation about sock puppets and her putrid smell from lack of fabric softener) and Remus and Severus post Deathly Hallows.   

And, still, it's not sexy at all... but, beware...it's a tad twisted.  =P 


4th Sep, 2007



A post-war look at the lives of Remus and Tonks.  When the time they spend together is limited, how do they choose to spend it?  (Rated: Mature)